Kara Duffy – CBS 12 News Palm Beach

From West Palm Beach to Nashville, Tennessee, Nikki Lickstein’s star is rising!

Tizz Shearer – CEO XRP Radio

An incredibly talented young singer and songwriter is taking the independent world by storm, her name is Nikki Lickstein, warping to #1 in the Global Unsigned and Independent Downloads Chart and staying there for 6 weeks with her short and sweet ‘Ex Crush’ a familiar tale of those guys that want to play the field, and the smart way to deal with it. Fantastic vocals for anyone, let alone someone just starting their pop music career at such an early age, over a quirky and jaunty bit of guitar work creates a cheeky and sassy sound that’s is being well received across the world. I can see a bright and successful future for Nikki already and look forward to watching her career progress

Stacie Rainey Vincent

My husband and I got married August 1, 2014. We wanted someone to perform during our reception, and Nikki Lickstein immediately came to my mind. I did not regret my choice. Nikki played guitar and sang every song requested. She impressed all of my family and friends. We sang along and danced the entire time. I would, and do, recommend Nikki Lickstein. She certainly made our day special and memorable.

Sam Gilbert – Founder of Music Crowns

Nikki is an extremely talented young artist with one of the biggest original hits in our history in the shape of her single ‘Ex-Crush’. She has a distinctive, unique voice and style. You would recognise her voice on the radio in a heartbeat! We eagerly await her release in Summer 2016.

Chris Vincent

On August 01, 2014 the reception hall was filled with friends and family. A moment in time that is remembered forever. This moment was made even more special because of the beautiful and melodic voice of a young lady sitting off to the side with her guitar. Her music at times was the perfect back drop for conversations taking place and at times was at the forefront getting everyone up and dancing. The memory of our wedding reception will hold strong because when we think of that day the voice of the girl sitting off to the side with a guitar, will fill our heads with pure musical joy. The music from singer song-writer Nikki Lickstein.

Sarah Barash

Nikki is a brilliant musician who is able to instantly connect to her listeners. Her style is soulful yet playful. Moving yet soothing. Everyone at the dinner party thoroughly enjoyed her mix of jazz standards. As a solo guitarist, her sublime notes created the perfect energy to complement my special day.